Wednesday, November 14, 2007

write me your ideas of life

I really thought my last email had gone too far, no way she would reply, she/he would clearly realise I was " 'aving a laugh". But NO! I have woven a spell and she is bound by it, my little russian minx...

Hi Magnus. I am glad to receive again your message, every day we begin
to learn each other better and it is very interesting for me. I love
your letters and every time wait for them. They help me to forget
about cruel world, they like a sun ray in the dark realm.

Magnie, I send you other pictures of me. I hope, you will like it.
Tell to me more about youself and aboyt your family. Do you have many
relatives or not? How often do you gather together ?I'm the only
child. As for my private life I can't say that I'm happy. My last
relation with man was the last year. I left him. Now I think we did
not love each other and had various interests. Among all the man who I
know I cannot chose anybody for serious relations. Nowdays there are
less and less decent man, so it's rather difficult to find one.You see
I had to address to i-net. This is my last hope to find a fair man
with whom I can keep up the time. Probably here I can find the person
who will love, appreciate and understand me. It is not important for
me his financial situation and work. I'm interested in a man who is
older than me, who has a great life and love experience, who knows how
to appreciate women. In my turn I will be ready to give all my love,
tender and care to such a person. I think that the main advantage of
the woman is to be fidel and have skill to make family happy, without
quarrels and conflicts. Ok, my letter comes to its end and I have to
go. Mine favourite Magnus, write me your ideas of life. I wait for
your messages. Your Natalya.

PS.I do not think that canadian dollar strong, but I think that the
American dollar - weak!

PPS.By the way that you want to buy on the Internet? And how many
nested dolls you have?

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