Monday, November 5, 2007

lazy business

I wonder sometimes about the difference between act and thought, and if thought has any value in relation to act.

It came up when I responded "indeed" to Darcy on msn. I saw "in deed".

Word is bond
Word is born

(that is a poem!)

I was chatting with Darcy about how we hadn't talked in a while, and he promised to call me soon. It's been a while, and he has a lot on his plate as it were.

What's on my plate?

A bad diet. I have seemingly replaced my enjoyment of the "total fuckdown" through weed with a "total fuckdown" of poor eating habits. Man's self destructive side astounds me.
It's like I need to be commiting things that I feel are wrong in order to feel correct. Now who the hell does that?

I don't know, I can't read your mind.

Still, indeed, it was a moment I decided yesterday night to try and eat well. I should add that I am pretty chubbed out these days, relatively speaking. So there's a visual inspiration every time I stand near the mirror, or wear my tight pants.

What else?

I got a cryptic message from someone through the onion personals with her email in code form. You can't send a message without paying, if you are a guy, and if you do send a message they monitor it to make sure you don't just exchange emails and instead continue using their pay to play system... First message I've gotten. She lives in Toronto, and I would hardly respond except for the novelty and safety of it all. But is that even a good reason?

Her name is Cinderellagirrl


Oh my name is ___________, which made sense when I was drunk and signed up... now, not so much...

Why even sign up for such a thing?

Well, for me, it is to make the measure of myself, what I would say, how I would describe myself, given a set of defined questions about myself how would I answer them... my favorite question/answer combo was this: "where do you see yourself in 25 years? Celebrating the 25th anniversary of answering this question." (which is funny, and if you haven't heard mitch hedberg, might seem somewhat an original answer...) To actually contact someone else? Nah hahah

Next time maybe I'll get a friend like one of you loyal readers to fill out the questionnaire for me,

I'm reminded of an old drug dealer of mine who has sex all the time through one of these sites. He's a good guy, but very different from me.

Gigi met a nice guy recently who just stepped to her at a cafe. I will never be that guy, stepping to your girl in public, who does that?. Though I do love the souls of mischief song "step to my girl"... I think I'm going to go listen to it, after I eat this healthy food.

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