Thursday, November 8, 2007

saw a fox

I saw a fox on my way home from work, I have to admit I was just the slightest bit jealous. It darted past me as I took my short cut. I'm sure no one posts on it's blog either... what a lovely coat, and me in this ratty old thing

It was headed to the school yard. When I walk to work in the mornings I see a group of about 4-5 kids smoking on the path I take, the late bloomers I guess... Once one of them almost spat on me, cause I move pretty quietly and he wasn't looking. Another time someone had spat onto a thin layer of sand on the sidewalk, the sand got pushed up on the edges and looked like an elk's head in relief.

Saw a video about the underground vogue scene in new york and the lady they were interviewing said she used to hang out with kids who would roll up on other houses (which are vogueing gangs) with lye in mayonaise jars and throw it on them fools.

I had a cool dream a week ago that I was part of the kids in the hall and we were writing some really funny sketches, me and kevin mcdonald were laughing so hard that it hurt our stomachs really badly.

There is a strobe light and a fencing epee in my room.

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