Monday, August 18, 2008

(23:54) [Panda] Walkind dogs can be danerous
(23:54) [Panda] *dangerous
[GhostDad the Whip] it's a pretty small dog
(23:54) [Panda] Even worse
(23:54) [Panda] :0
[GhostDad the Whip] tripping over him into a low picket-fence, eye-first
(23:54) [Panda] Yes
[GhostDad the Whip] I worry about that EVERY time
(23:55) [Panda] Youd be amazed at how common thats gotten
[GhostDad the Whip] I only have one eye as we speak
(23:55) [Panda] Which?
[GhostDad the Whip] left
:55) [Panda] Cool
[GhostDad the Whip] lost the right one while walking a friends dog
(23:55) [Panda] Damn
(23:56) [Panda] I never walk my dog
(23:56) [Panda] It can do that on its own
[GhostDad the Whip] I wish I had space for my dog
[GhostDad the Whip] I have to leash it and dodge cars with him
(23:56) [Panda] Garage sale?
(23:56) [Panda] Hmm
(23:56) [Panda] Well good luck
[GhostDad the Whip] I was thinking of a garage sale
[GhostDad the Whip] 1 item: dog
[GhostDad the Whip] also: unused left-eye patch
[GhostDad the Whip] bundled
(23:57) [Panda] Could fetch a pretty penny
[GhostDad the Whip] I s'pose
(23:57) [Panda] Mhmm
[GhostDad the Whip] never know when I'll need that eye-patch tho
(23:58) [Panda] Yeah
(23:58) [Panda] Never know...
[GhostDad the Whip] yeah, I guess I'll keep him
(23:58) [Panda] Suit yourself
[GhostDad the Whip] whoa
[GhostDad the Whip] sorry to have offended you
(23:58) [Panda] Haha
(23:58) [Panda] I'm not offended
[GhostDad the Whip] I know I know, just looking out for me, thanks
(23:59) [Panda] I mean...I could use a left eye eye patch
(23:59) [Panda] But..
(23:59) [Panda] Nevermind
(23:59) [Panda] Hah
[GhostDad the Whip] Keep a roll of electrical tape around
[GhostDad the Whip] works in a pinch
(23:59) [Panda] Hmm
(0:00) [Panda] Next time I go to a store
(0:00) [Panda] I will pick some up
[GhostDad the Whip] Also: maybe sand down the sharp points on your picket fence
(0:02) [Panda] Does this mean I should first get a picket fence?
[GhostDad the Whip] if everyone does there part we can save upwards of 3000 eyeballs
[GhostDad the Whip] their*
(0:02) [Panda] Haha
[GhostDad the Whip] oh, if you don't have one then you are alright
(0:02) [Panda] Ok good
[GhostDad the Whip] unless you have a fence made of bear traps placed at eye-height, then...
(0:03) [Panda] Oh no
(0:03) [Panda] I have a moat
[GhostDad the Whip] woot
(0:03) [Panda] Filled with bear traps
[GhostDad the Whip] thats's the dream right there
[GhostDad the Whip] hahah
(0:04) [Panda] Damn right
[GhostDad the Whip] bear traps and dog biscuits
(0:05) [Panda] Oh boy!
(0:05) [Panda] Thats actually a great idea
[GhostDad the Whip] around here that's old news, but we use em at high school science fairs
(0:06) [Panda] I see
[GhostDad the Whip] you make a papier mache Volcano, fill it with bear traps, then pour some red food dye in, and when the judges pass by you drop in the dog biscuits,,, kaboom
(0:07) [Panda] Hmmm
(0:07) [Panda] What grade do you recieve?
[GhostDad the Whip] E for effort
(0:08) [Panda] Damn
(0:08) [Panda] Thats awesome
[GhostDad the Whip] thanks Panda
(0:09) [Panda] For what?
[GhostDad the Whip] positive reinforcement
(0:09) [Panda] Oh
(0:09) [Panda] You are very welcome

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